The work of God is wholly and fully God’s – it is just a chip of God

No one can claim that they work for God, we are too insignificant to work for God

Many who claim they work for God, are volunteers in the eyes of Heaven

Fellowship = we carry each other’s burdens when we can’t carry it

Fellowship of the Holy Spirit = when we allow Holy Spirit to do all the work, we only enjoy the products

Holy Spirit’s intercession = when He carries the load you cannot carry

There’s no fellowship without relationship

Relationship comes because of birth not because of association

We have fellowship with others when we don’t sour our relationship with them

We have fellowship with God because we first had relationship

When a man of God retires, he’s a civil servant and when a man of God is paid a salary, he’s a civil servant

If God calls you, God must pay you because whoever holds the purse holds the authority

You have to focus on the One who called you, not on pleasing the one who is paying your salary

If the vision is of God, there will be provision for the vision

When the “called” make themselves too busy being busybodies, Heaven calls them “volunteers” not “chosen”

Volunteering starts when you make yourself available to be used by God but don’t wait for the word “go”

Don’t start a work because you love God, start a work because you heard “go”

2 types of people:

1) those that aren’t sent but are so passionate that they go

2) those that are sent but are so lascivious that they don’t go

We should never judge somebody the world has condemned

We talk about their errors but we don’t condemn the personality behind the error because there’s no error without Satan behind it


1) The work of God is wholly and fully His

2) Many workers are volunteers in the eyes of Heaven because they didn’t wait for the word “go”

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