Biography of Our Founder.

Apostle Francis was born a Catholic in 1976 in Sunyani-Kyeraa, Ghana to Mr James Kwaku Mensah, a Catholic catechist and schoolteacher and Madame Deborah Yaa Amponsah. He grew up in Sampa with his Presbyterian aunt, which meant his basic Christian training was in the Ghana Presbyterian Church from 1980-1997. During his childhood, he was a member of the Scripture Union and the Infant Bible School where he attained knowledge of Scripture by being encouraged to commit large passages to memory. At age twelve, he officially gave his life to Christ after watching John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress as a result of evangelistic outreach presented by “Challenge Cinema Today”. Beginning at the young age of ten and continuing until age twenty-two, he attended annual evangelist crusades by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana where he was taught to bring the gospel to the local villages making him accustomed to evangelising and spreading his love, knowledge and fire for God.

In 1991, he received the gift of tongues during a revival service organised by the Scripture Union of Sampa led by Evangelist Kusi Berko, but the gift became dormant due to lack of knowledge on how the giftings operate. In 1998, after returning to Ghana from Ivory Coast, he sought the Lord to re-equip him with the gift of tongues to enable him to pray for long durations. He fervently started fasting and praying through the night, seeking God earnestly, which opened him up to spiritual encounters and a deeper knowledge of God’s ways.


He became a messenger of the Gospel and when his work started in Ghana from 1998-2009, the LORD sent him to understudy various leaders. These include Prophet Francis Amoah Hagan (1998-1999); Prophet Frank Frimpong (1999-2000); Rev. Nathan Kwasi Yeboah of Word Faith Chapel, Accra (2002-2009); and Rev. Kumah John Bray of Fountain Gate Chapel, Burkina Faso (2003-2006). He built his first church “International Grace Gospel Church” in 1998 in Berekum (Bono Ahafo Region) and from there he has built churches in Bibiani (Western Region), Efiduasi (Ashanti Region), and Hong Kong. He also travelled around Ghana preaching the gospel and training up students on campus (St Monica’s Senior High School).


In 2007 he begun to work at an oil company in Accra, Ghana but after only two years, God commanded him to resign. Five days after leaving the company in obedience, he miraculously received a visa to the UK without applying for it in January 2009. Following this, on February 15, 2009, he received apostolic separation from the Holy Spirit in order to be sent to the UK for the commencement of the work of the Great Awakening. As a result, Rev. Nathan K. Yeboah and his entire clergy with the congregation laid their hands on him to separate him in accordance with Acts 13:1-4 for the work of the ministry.


After building the foundation of Beulah Land International in Luton on March 8, 2009, he returned to Ghana for 11 months to regularise his immigration papers. He started another fellowship meeting there until he finally formally left Africa to assume his full Apostolic office in London on June 3, 2010.


God has used him mightily in making disciples of many nations and those from other religious backgrounds for Jesus. He has been used in areas of regeneration, salvation, healing, signs and wonders according to his apostolic ordination (2 Cor. 12:12).


Presently at his meetings, demons are cast out, eye-sights are restored, the lame walk, hearing returns, and barren women conceive. God has healed people through Apostle Francis from various sicknesses such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, bone & blood problems, liver & kidneys problems, cancers etc. Creative miracles take place when he prays for people in accordance with Matt. 15:30-31. This includes creating kneecaps, growing out uneven legs & hands, new kidneys and regenerated livers. God has also raised dead people back to life through the ministry of Apostle Francis.


The Lord frequently appears to Apostle Francis and he has been taken to Heaven and Hell many times. He still carries the visible marks/scars on his body that he sustained when he was allowed to visit Hell in 1998. He has visited Jesus on His judgement throne and has experienced extraordinary spiritual encounters, including seeing end-time universal occurrences, confronting angels, and many others which has given him an uncommon knowledge of the supernatural.


God continues to pour out His grace, revelation and anointing upon Apostle Francis Ohene Adu’s life to bless, encourage and build up the people that surround him.