Our history is tied to the ministry of Apostle Francis Ohene Adu as revealed in his profile below:

 The name “Beulah Land International” was given by divine revelation from the Most High God to Apostle Francis Ohene Adu in 2002. Prior to this,  Apostle Francis had an encounter in August 8, 2000. The Lord Jesus Christ visited him in a vision whilst he was waiting on Him in the prayer mountains in Ghana, Atwea.

In this encounter the Lord said to him “I am sending you to London to start the work for the revival to come in the UK”. As an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student in Kumasi Polytechnic, before then, his new assignment made him pray earnestly for the Lord to fulfil His mission in him. It is to be noticed that, prior to these encounters, the LORD had spoken through the mouths of various prophets such as Prophet Francis Amoah Hagan of Accra- Ghana, Prophet Frank Frimpong of Jordan Prayer Ministry; Sunyani-Ghana and many other men of God. These were spoken after his return from San Pedro in la Cộte D’Ivoire as a lay preacher in 1997.

Apostle Francis therefore resumed a part-time career as a messenger of the Gospel. When his work started in Ghana from1998-2009, the LORD sent him to understudy various leaders like Prophet Francis Amoah Hagan (1998-1999), Prophet Frank Frimpong (1999-2000), Rev. Nathan Kwasi Yeboah of Word Faith Chapel-Accra (2002-2009), Rev. Kumah John Bray of Fountain Gate Chapel (2003-2006)-Burkina Faso. In February 15, 2009, he was


release by Rev. Nathan K. Yeboah and his entire clergy to go to London into full-time ministry.

After building the foundation of Beulah Land International on 8th March 2009, he returned to Ghana for 11months to start another fellowship meeting till he was finally released in accordance to Acts 13:1-4, then ushered into the apostolic office formerly as the Holy Spirit spoke through the mouth of Rev. Yeboah on May 5th 2010. He then resumed his full Apostolic office in London on the 3rd June 2010.

God has used him mightily in making disciples of many  nations and others from other religious backgrounds for Jesus. He has also been used in the areas of regeneration, salvation, healing, signs and wonders. Presently at his meetings, many demons are cast out of people, eyes sights are restored, the lame walk and barren women conceive. People have been healed of various sicknesses like HIV AIDS, diabetes, bone and blood problems, liver and kidneys problems, creative miracles such as  creative knee caps, growing out uneven legs and hands, new kidneys and liver grow when he prays for people in accordance with Matt. 15:30-31.

The Lord has appeared to Apostle Francis a number of times and he has been taken to Heaven and Hell over 27 times collectively and still counting. He still carries the visible marks/scars he sustained when he was allowed to visit Hell in 1998, on his body. He has  visited  Jesus on His judgement throne and has experienced many other spiritual encounters, such as, seeing the end time universal occurrences, and many others.

Apostle Francis’ first meeting was held in a house on 8th March 2009 in Luton with a congregation of 8 adults. In this venue, more Hindus, Muslims and Secularists of predominantly Asian background gave their lives to Christ every Sunday. It is during one these services that Jesus healed a Zimbabwean-British born with HIV AIDS. The records are there in the Luton General Hospital. As a result, the number grew considerably every week until the venue was changed to the St. Mary’s Church in West Kensington through the indefatigable KINGDOM inputs of Pastor (Mrs.) Annette Hercules and Sister Lorrain. The group then continued to fellowship in this auditorium up to this day.

On 3rd July 2010, the first Sunday church service was started at Saints Mary Church, 2Edith Road, W14 9BA,

London. Since that time till now, the Church has been growing from strength to strength and from grace to grace.