Our History

Beulah Land International” was revealed to Apostle Francis Ohene Adu by divine revelation in 2000 as the Lord Jesus Christ showed Apostle Francis his assignment in the UK in an open vision whilst he was waiting on Him in prayer in Ghana. In this encounter, the Lord spoke unto him saying, “I am sending you to London to start the work for the awakening to come in the UK”. It is to be noticed that, prior to these encounters, the LORD had spoken through the mouths of various prophets such as Prophet Francis Amoah Hagan (Accra, Ghana); Prophet Frank Frimpong (Sunyani, Ghana) and many other men of God concerning Beulah Land International and the work in the UK.
Beulah Land International’s first meeting was held in a house in Luton on March 8, 2009 with a congregation of eight adults. In these early days, more Hindus, Muslims and Secularists of predominantly Asian background gave their lives to Christ every Sunday. The church soon grew to be too big for a house fellowship and BLI started congregating in St. Mary’s Church, West Kensington on July 3, 2010.
After being presented on Premier Christian Radio in 2016, the number of the congregation continued to expand, making it no longer possible to be accommodated at St. Mary’s Church. After relocating a number of times, BLI finally settled in Unimix House, Park Royal for the following three years.
Presently, Beulah Land International congregates in Westmoreland House, White City and has been there since September 28, 2018. God continues to raise up, strengthen and equip mighty Kingdom workers through the ministry of Apostle Francis in Beulah Land International – a house of prayer, faith, revelation and love.