Soul of man:

1) Mind

2) Will (volition)

3) Emotion


– The mind is the most active part of the soul

– The mind is restrained by the will in cooperation with the spirit

– When the mind is let loose, the mind controls the will

Steps to a spirit-controlled soul:

1) Discern the mind’s condition

2) Cast aside unhealthy thoughts

3) Return to quietness & seek God’s thoughts

A spirit-controlled soul has killed all the inspirations of the soul that goes to the body & the spirit becomes the boss

Satan’s plan is to make the soul in control instead of the spirit


– Emotion is the lowest, most unreasonable part of the soul

– Emotion exerts the greatest power in swaying the will

– The will usually agrees with what emotion is attracted to

– The entire life of a person is often controlled by emotion

– Spirit-controlled emotion doesn’t act independently even though it often strives against God’s wish

– Spirit-controlled emotion delights in what God delights in, the spirit lays hold of man’s emotion by exercising his will

Despite the spirit desiring after God, the mind will often rationalise & support the wants of emotion

God seeks to get rid of the natural source of likes/dislikes so that our choice is not independent from Him


– The will is the highest faculty of the soul yet it occupies only a small portion of the soul

– Action is the product of the will

– God and Satan contend over the will of man

– A spirit-controlled will inclines, unites, and seeks after God’s will, rising above its own emotion and reasoning.

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