Jesus Christ was not a man but He chose to identify with men and the faculties of man were revealed in Him

Authority can never fully work until there’s first obedience

Obedience produces submission which magnifies authority

Surrender connotes disarmament

Obedience is a concession

Jesus still doesn’t claim to be equal with God although He’s in glory with God

God is not a man, He’s a spirit entity – Jesus is a name but God is a title of an office

Jehovah (authority as Father) + Jesus (sonship role) + Parakletos (Holy Spirit as operational manager) = God

The Father produces children through the Son, & the Son manifests children in the flesh according to the Fathers desire

Even inanimate objects understand the authority in the Name of Jesus

Inanimate objects bow to Jesus’ Name (to bow = warfare, conquering, supremacy)

Human’s confess the lordship of Jesus (to confess = legality)

The best way to enter the courts of Heaven is to enter with the identity of the lordship then Satan has to let go

Saying Jesus means “Condemnation I condemn you, justification I welcome you”

Heaven will hold you accountable for saying the name of Jesus because it brings creation to a standstill

Jesus is the only name of the trinity that makes the spiritual realm respond

When we say “Jesus”, we tap into the Lord’s long-suffering and God’s anger is quenched

God Himself is glory so whenever we say “Jesus”, glory appears and when glory appears, darkness disappears

God cannot just be seen anyhow but the name of Jesus makes God unveil Himself

Praying in the name of Jesus is calling God to witness – it is able to bring expedite results

Testimony = a test that God monitored, certifying that you passed – a person has no testimony

unless their test has been monitored by Heaven

God is not so concerned with those that read and heard but rather, those that keep what they read and hear

Although the time is at hand, it has not been triggered because of the Lord’s long-suffering toward us because believers are not yet ready

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