When you take what God has not given you because it’s perverted then Satan has won and is in control

When man fell, he still possessed a hidden ability in his soul which made it possible for him to become like God

The soul power that operated in Adam is now lost but does still exist in us

In God’s original, the spirit of man is supposed to control the soul but after the fall, it became subject to the dominion of the flesh

When Adam fell, his (soul) power was immobilised and buried within him, enclosed by the flesh

The primordial ability of Adam has now become a latent force in man

Latent = (of a quality or state) existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden or concealed

In Adam before fall = primordial force

In Adam after fall = latent power

Satan works to stir up the power of the soul to release the latent power as a deception for spiritual power

Satan knows how to crack the flesh that is trapping the latent power of the soul to bring it out but he can only succeed if souls of men are sold

One can pour his soul power instead of spiritual power if the laying on of hands and impartation is not done correctly

If your soul and spirit are not separated, Satan will use the attachment to enter your spirit to subjugate it

The power of the soul is not supernatural or special but it has the ability and capacity to rule and reign

The power of the soul is circumscribed (restricted) by the flesh like a shell – this is what Satan tries to break

Many different religions and practices aim to release the power of the soul by breaking the flesh

Using the soul (not the spirit) to overcome the body releases the soul power

When one uses the soul power to pray and is able to harness the soul power’s abilities, being deceived into thinking it is spiritual power, they become a witch – deceived under the control of Satan whilst thinking they are working for God

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