There were many people who were born-again in the Old Testament

To be stirred by the Holy Spirit is an outside expression

but to be filled is an inner expression Infilling comes for live and for living that life

Outpouring comes for works and services

When the life matures to fruition you receive an outpouring

When the Spirit infills you, you cannot feel it but when the Spirit pours on you, you feel it

The infilling fills your spirit but the outpouring comes on your flesh

It is impossible to know a demon has entered you until they start working with you

An outpouring triggers an expression because it confirms what is already in your spirit and the heart clashes with the soul’s actions

You cannot receive an infilling without being born-again

The spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 12) were there even in the Old Testament but there was ignorance until Paul spelled it out for the church

The problem is not God, it’s our ignorance, purge and inability to expand capacity

There was regeneration in the Old Testament but they could not enter into the fulness of what was to come

Sinking of the spirit = feeling dry, not hearing God’s voice, unable to discern your own spirit

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