Dust of the ground = man’s body

God’s breath = man’s spirit

The spirit, soul and body of man are 3 separate entities

When the spirit and body were joined, man became a living soul

The life of our spirit is not the uncreated life of God or else there would be no need to be born-again

God is the cause of the influence of creation and He shall be the cause of the destruction of that which is created

The soul must be denied so that it is fully full in weakness & doesn’t have dominion over man’s spirit

Our spirit and body should not derive inspiration from the soul

The spirit of man is God-breath

The soul of man is a living soul

The body of man is God-formed

The soul was created when the spirit reacted with the body

Man’s characteristics = soul

Angels characteristics = spirit

Animal’s characteristics = flesh

Because the soul was created through the combining of spirit with body, the soul can behave like the spirit and like the body

A believer can be powerful and yet the source of the anointing is from the soul not the spirit

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