Reality does not come because of introspective (inward-looking) and retrospective (backward-looking) searches

Introspective and retrospective tactics of the world enhances the power of the soul

Light doesn’t need to fight because he’s not ignorant about who he is – so it should be with us as children of God

Warfare in its simplicity = the moment light dawns, darkness must cede

Warfare is waged based on understanding and insight into knowing who you are in Christ

When light comes, it shows you the true condition of any situation in your life

To engage in spiritual warfare, one must overcome three enemies (the 3 dark forces on earth that stand in opposition to heaven):

1) the world

2) the flesh

3) Satan

If you wage war based on emotion, you’re using the power of your soul, releasing lateral projections – it won’t be effective

If the demonic attacks increase after warfare, something is wrong – most likely caused by the latent power of the soul

Satan’s trinity = the flesh (as Son), the world (as Holy Ghost) & himself (as God)

The world can find its way into your prayer through your desires and heart behind the words of your prayer

Our reasonings and desires can cause us to stand in principle with Satan although we stand with Christ in doctrine

We engage Satan in the terms of God whom he subscribes to using the power and authority of Christ who conquered him

God’s will is already formed like a mould – if you miss the mould He will not perform it until the mind of the church is stirred up in prayer

In the New Testament, the Name of Jesus usually represents authority, whereas the Holy Spirit represents power

Luke 10:19 = receiving the power of the Holy Ghost

John 20:22 = receiving the Holy Ghost for sin remission and retention – the power to forgive sins on earth

Only those that stand on resurrected grounds are able to use the authority of the Name of Jesus effectively

To pray down is because you’re seated in heavenly places = warfare

To pray up is offering worship up to God

In spiritual warfare, praying downward is exceedingly important – standing upon the heavenly position in Christ and using authority to resist all the works of Satan by commanding that whatever God has commanded must be done

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