Don’t try to help yourself when battling weaknesses

Don’t be surprised when God answers your prayer, be surprised when He doesn’t

God never changes situations

Despite not being born yet, Jesus’ death was our death and His crucifixion our crucifixion so what we are struggling with has already been crucified – this is a fact

The way to overcome = “I died but now I live”

There are things demons understand that the church doesn’t understand because they are spirit and we are flesh

It is Christ’s life in us that enables us to live but we have to give Him the space to operate

It is the ability of the outer that is enabling the inner

Christ is the means by which we are able to live an overcoming life by faith

In our unacceptable, repulsive, sinful state He still loved us

He loved us to death but now loves us to life

Jesus loves us now so we can live His life

The life we live is a life of exchange not of change – everything must be exchanged not changed

To change means to repair

To exchange means to replace

Nobody is given to finish 100% except Christ but everyone is called to finish 50%

You can do no work for God unless He first makes you see it – everything we do in ministry must be that which is the seen not that which is the given

If the work is not seen from Heaven and you do it then it’s not given

Jesus’ omnipotence is only effective when connected to the omnipotence of the Father

We have to see what Holy Spirit is showing us

Jesus is the stabiliser of God’s glory – He takes it and dispenses it based on our ability to handle it but don’t pray for things that your vessel cannot bear

You understand grace when you understand the law

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