We grow in grace, we do not grow into grace

Grace = God does for me

To grow in grace = “I need God to do more for me”

Truth points out my lack, inadequacies, weaknesses and failures

Truth = the law

Truth exposes the lack but grace replenishes the lack

We need to know God not only as the truth but also as the grace

Grace only works when you decide to glorify in your own weakness

We fall when we do not appreciate what grace can do in the place of truth

Satan will show the truth, justify it by doctrine but lacks the grace to make the truth work

In Christ, the truth (the law) is fulfilled so now we walk by grace

Following grace = acknowledge your inadequacies, stop trying to stop but rather ask Christ to come in now

In the spirit dwells anointing

In the soul dwells energy

In the body dwells strength

We should be beggarly in prayer and attitude as we recognise our helplessness without God

God’s way of deliverance is to wait until you’re too weak and give up then He takes over

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