Heaven is a place of transit

God’s glory is His face (Exodus 33:20)

1) God Himself is glory

2)God’s body is holy

3) God’s character is righteous

God lives in the Heaven of Heavens

When we view life from the perspective of heaven, we begin to understand the wisdom of God in everything

Love is not love if there’s feeling attached to it

When feeling is attached to love, there’s the natural expectation of reward attached to it

Let the agape love of God saturate your human response

Lust = appetite

The lust you feed is the lust that grows

When you delight yourself in the Word of God, age doesn’t matter, who is with you matters

Seek deeper intimacy with God and not with man

When Holy Spirit is our best friend, we won’t need the love & approval of man

If you don’t stay where God has placed you, pain will be your teacher

When you’re not in the presence of God, your mindset, world-view & paradigm all change

When grace leaves you, you scramble for anything you can get

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