God doesn’t call people for nothing – God’s intention for calling us is to make us walking gods on earth

God is working to bring us into the level of maturity where we have full knowledge of the Son of God

God is moving us to the point at which men will see us and see God

Perfect men = to have maturity to discern what is of God and what is not of God

God has blessed us with all spiritual blessings not some – don’t settle for anything less than spiritual blessings

The error comes when we seek the “all other things” instead of the Kingdom

Seeking the spiritual blessings can translate into physical blessings

Don’t always be the recipient of miracles, rather, be the channel through which the miracle flows

2 types of people:

1) Those who come for the solution

2) Those who become the solution

3 Spiritual Advantages:

1) Ability to discern/perceive

2) Ability to see

3) Ability to hear

God has blessed us with the ability to perceive & receive spiritual signals from the Holy Spirit in our spirit without hearing or seeing

Sometimes God will hide certain things from your eyes & ears but He will put it in your spirit

Receiving these signals requires exercising our spirits

God has to train all our spiritual faculties to receive His signals

Spiritual senses are dead when we walk in the flesh

“Seeing” and “hearing” Christians have boldness because they know what is behind what is going on in this realm

Certainty comes from hearing the voice of God

Seeing and hearing gives us spot on direction

Blindness = helplessness

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