1) Spiritual Compatibility

2) The Dream Of The Man

3) Family Acceptance

4) Love Love should not be the main reason we marry

Every man should have a vision and his wife should have a mission in his vision

Any man that has no dream has no vision and will be unable to lead the family so the woman will have no mission in his life

A man is expected to be the high priest of the house, offering prayers on behalf of the whole family

A man that grew up without a father will find it harder to understand love

If a woman fears you instead of loves you, she will never tell you the constructive truth

If your spouse has something to say about everything you say or do then you’ve got something coming

If your spouse’s family does not accept you, please move on

If there’s no family acceptance, much prayer is needed

Family acceptance brings community cohesion and help

It is important for parents to wean their children out of the nest at the right time

Never expect children to take care of you when you grow old, only expect them to honour you

To feel fulfilled in marriage is more important than validation

A woman is fulfilled when her mission meets the perfect conditions of the man’s vision

Man’s vision + woman’s mission = solutions of men’s problems

Never convert a man to marry him – if the man didn’t change before he got you, he can’t change after he got you

Never ever marry because they say they love you, marry because of destiny

God gives us a spouse because of qualities, vision, mission, not love but love comes in fulfilment

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