Christ came for the spirits of men, not the souls of men

Christ came to enliven our spirits and reconnect us to God through regeneration (born-again)

It is our spirits that are born-again, not our souls

Souls can be saved but not born-again

When man fell, he fell from being a body and spirit, to being flesh

Christ looked past our flesh and came to die for our spirit in order that our body can be saved later

Christ could not be sacrificed unless He became flesh

Man became a living soul & then became flesh which has encased the body, soul & spirit together

The soul of a man ought to be saved by man himself – your soul is saved by works

As your spirit is born-again, you receive the ability to save your own soul

Christ didn’t come to die for man’s soul, He died for man’s spirit

The soul you lose today determines your place in the Kingdom for eternity

If you don’t work for your soul after you are saved, you have a low, insignificant place in the Kingdom

Salvation of the soul is done by you

Salvation of the spirit is done by Christ

What you cannot conquer today will be your torment in the next life

Taking up the cross is a daily attitude but the self-denial is a single attitude

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