A Spirit-filled believer is not necessarily confrontational
Even though we lead our life in the body physically, we do not need to fight physically

Turn the other cheek = choose the way of withdrawal & peace

When you’re confronted in the physical, knee-mail Jesus

Warring in the spirit will only work when you attain a certain standard measured by Heaven’s terms

Satan takes advantage of man’s weaknesses but God takes advantage of man’s strength

When we align and our actions do not harm the will of the Kingdom then God can use man’s strength for our advantage

Imagination = any image in your mind that controls and informs your activities

High-minded thing = anything that blocks revelation of God and the Kingdom

You have the capacity to lift up the Kingdom in place of the devil

Revelation causes men to see differently which changes their mindsets, world-views, judgements, actions and emotions – Satan doesn’t want this so he sits on revelation

You have the power to pray prayers that are backed by Heaven that will cause the death of people but if you use the power wrongly, it’ll come back to hurt you

Don’t use the power of warring prayers anyhow, only use it when it’s necessary according to God’s will

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