If food is good, medicine is not necessary

When health is good, doctors are not needed

To practice medicine is, technically, to practice witchcraft

Pharmacy (Greek: pharmakeia) = witchcraft, sorcery, magic potion

Pharmacy was used in the Garden of Eden

The wise men (magicians, astrologers, occultists) came to worship Jesus as an idol not as the God of Israel

The devil doesn’t see it all, he sees it in part and doesn’t fully know your destiny so don’t press the panic button and use multiple words to give Satan what he wants

The reason we have some similarities with others in nature is so we can harvest things from them for the cure of our diseases

Make = to take a preexisting raw material to make a product

Create = to call something into existence from nothing producing a raw material

Form = to give a shape to a product

It was not Satan’s fall that made animals lose their speech, it is man’s fall that has made us lose

understanding of animal’s speech

When Adam fell, all creation fell alongside him When you don’t need something but you do it anyway, you start trying to justify yourself instead of repenting

Whenever you take instruction from an evil source, it will corrupt what is in you

God created woman from a recycled material (Adam’s rib) which makes her delicate not weak

Woman is a typology of Holy Spirit – the most delicate part of the divinity, the helper

Woman was given to man to teach the church how to treat the Holy Ghost

If you sin against women, your prayer is not heard (1 Peter 3:7)

If you sin against Holy Spirit, you’re not forgiven (Matthew 12:31)

All doctors, even experts, practice (trial and error)

Doctors don’t heal, they only help the body manage and heal itself

Let Holy Spirit tell you what is wrong with you, not doctors because even the experts are not sure

When the pain is increasing, it’s a sign that new life is yearning to spring forth

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