The project recognises that education is the key to a nation’s future success. Through the project, generations to come will not just receive adequate education but also advanced education with up to date facilities for research and development, vocational education inclusive. In order to give back to the UK and our local community as a whole, we aim to help people by recruiting  students who dropped out or are at the verge of being permanently excluded from the UK’s mainstream schools and enrol them in our schools in Ghana.  We hope to help transform them, build them up  to becoming meaningful and productive adults in the community thus giving their lives and future a meaning.

The project comprises provision of the following educational facilities:

•Beulah Land International Nursery and Primary Schools

• Beulah Land InternationalSecondary and Technical Colleges

• Beulah Land International Vocational Training (Including women returners)

•Beulah Land International polytechnic

• Beulah Land International University

Modern Educational facilities with up to date laboratory equipment will be provided in all the schools and adequate means of transportation to and from school within the city will be provided. The educational facility will be provided in all the schools for the day to day running and also available not only for the community living within the city but also the neighbouring cities and west African countries. Adequate facilities will be provided for adult education for parents hoping to be studying from home. The adult educational facility will affiliate with the existing open universities in the country. A total estimated cost of $1.20 Billion is required for the implementation of the education project over 20 years duration.

Presently, an ongoing School has been started in the London, UK. This social enterprise trades under the name Beulah Land International Educational Centre (GLOHEC). GLOHEC is now offering free supplementary educational help and mentoring support to the youth in the church and all the residents of Hammersmith and Fulham and other neighbouring boroughs.  Currently, our students include people from Primary School to University, from age 5-25years. They receive help in any course/subject areas including English, Maths, Science, Forensic Science, Law, and any other subject as the need arises .

For more information on how to access this free but quality service, please go to our contact page and write to us or call for further information.